Sep. 22nd, 2007

headologist: (with broom)
In the middle of Misery Square, the first thing passersby might note was the sound of someone exhorting someone or something to "Go, go, go!"

The next thing passersby might notice was a whip-thin woman dressed all in black, peaked black hat on her head, broom held tightly between her legs as the source of said exhortations, descending from the air in something rather resembling a nose dive.

Third, and least possible to miss was the landing1 said woman made in the fountain.

Never let it be said that Granny Weatherwax did not know how to make an entrance.

Never let it be said that the small white kitten that poked its head out from under her hat with a questioning Prrt? did not know how to spoil said entrance.

1Of the crash variety.

[ooc: Comment logging here. Granny wouldn't have the foggiest idea what to do with the network and loathes anything she doesn't understand. All of Granny's posts in the future will be voice posts unless clearly noted otherwise. She will never deign to learn to type, and while she can read, it isn't something she does fluently, and spelling is something of a creative art.]


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