headologist: (green glare)
Right. Who's next?

[ooc: Granny is coming into the City after having dealt with X and Belphegor yesterday.]
headologist: (can't be having with this)
Went and killed a wizard. Now you're feeling right proud of yourselves.
headologist: (can't be having with this)
Fools, the lot of you.

Of course I'm a witch. It ain't never the real witches that end up burned.
headologist: (askance)
Ain't none of this sensible.

I'm still looking for nanny goats. One smelly billy ain't going to be giving me milk.

A good Lancrastian goat or two would be best.
headologist: (with broom)
I'm coming into the City now for anyone who needs help.
headologist: (glare)
I don't like I'm feeling in the air one bit.

If any of you lot need stitching, patching, or general witching, I'm ready. Feels like one of those days.
headologist: (Default)
Don't you even think about touching my herbs.

That's right. You and you. Don't think I don't know what you're about.

Get in there and clean out my chimney.

*sounds of merriment and general preparation for havoc*

What's that?

*the sound of something cracking sharply, perhaps a branch, a twig, a bone, something crunchy-like*

The proper answer is "Yes, Mistress Weatherwax."

Yes, Mistress Weatherwax.

Riiight. Get on with you.
headologist: (glare)
Ain't seen Jolly yet. Anyone got news on the boy?

Edit: Right. You vampires, which one of you did it?
headologist: (i aten't dead)
Ain't seen Jolly yet.

I'm going borrowing.
headologist: (can't be having with this)
Warning right here and now and be lucky you're getting it: try to poke around in my head and I'll do more than poke you back.

You get your first chance because you hadn't gotten your warning.

Now you've been warned.
headologist: (glare)
Oh you thought so, did you? Can't be foolin' a witch that easy and mebbe I can't magic iron and mebbe I can.

I'm out, ain't I?

I'm coming to the City. Sounds like there's a lot of you who'll be needin' stitchin'. Anyone who needs help, let me know.
headologist: (can't be having with this)
Fool City folk. What are you doing beating on each other again and again. Haven't you figured out it don't fix most things?

Who does this vampire belong to? Come get him. He's cluttering up my cottage and I can't be having with that.

Before you go trying to beat on the fool he already beat on, this'un'll be alright. The other fool wasn't looking too happy neither.

*muttered and not meant for transmission* Couple of fool men waving their todgers at each other.

I'm getting right sick of all the sewing I'm having to do just 'cause none of you knows how to handle things without spilling blood.

[ooc: Per this log, Walter and Sesshoumaru beat on each other last night. Granny used her teleportation curse to come get the poisoned vampire and sewed up the wounds that don't seem to want to regenerate thanks to Sesshoumaru's caustic poison. She is quite irritable about having to pay the remuneration of singing sweet songs to sleeping (and unwilling) forest creatures.]
headologist: (can't be having with this)
Ain't nothing come for free, you ninnies, and just because you can don't mean you ought to.

I'll be wanting to have a look at Tony sometime soon. Lee - yes, you boy - did you do what you were supposed to do and not let him sleep?

And don't tell me that either of you are mucking about with these powers today. You don't need to add that to your basket of troubles.

[ooc: Granny is, in fact, affected, but you won't see her using her newly gifted ability to teleport because she has a perfectly good pair of boots and a moderately useful broom.]
headologist: (just an old lady playing cards)
The ticking 'minds me of home except I don't have to wind the clock.

Ophelia, I'm still expecting you for tea.

Anyone planning to come visit me will give me some notice with this computer device. It'll save doctorin' later.

Neville, I'll be wanting to take some cuttings of some of your plants. I've found a few interesting ones in the forest you might want to have a look at in turn.
headologist: (Default)
Turnin' people into things. That's where things go to the bad.

[ooc: Granny hates the network. She also loves it. There's nothing like the non-stop chatter for someone who's nosy by nature.]
headologist: (Default)
Do all Weatherwaxes really go to the bad?


A course not.
headologist: (glare)
You, the vampyre and the werewolf who are watching the werewolf girl. Keep her in bed. I can't be having with that pain rebounding at me, do you hear?

Jolly, Lyra, I won't be wanting you to come by for now. Stay in the City.

[ooc: Granny is quite perturbed by what the critters are telling her about what harmed Anita. She'll be out borrowing to try to work out just what the danger is, but her body will be secreted away someplace Ophelia won't find it. And LJ loses yet again for lacking in email alerts at the moment.]
headologist: (head full of beeeeeez)
*muttering growing closer to the speaker*


We needzzz honey.

Jolly. Wherezzz our honey?

[ooc: Granny found a hive and that was her last bit of borrowing for the day, because it's better to want honey than to want to crunch a mouse.]
headologist: (glare)

Hello! HELLO! You, in there.

*quieter* No, not you, You. Eat your dinner.

*shouted again*

You! I'll be wanting chickens. Some goats. Carpentry for bee hives. You'll be wanting to do that right quick now. It's good luck to make the witch know your name in a good way before you need her services.

[ooc: Yeah, she's working on posting on her own, but she thinks louder is important.]
headologist: (can't be having with this)
*sound of roller skate wheels on wood*




*cat shriek*

Hush, You.





*lather, rinse, repeat*

[ooc: Granny has taken up residence in a cottage in the woods. It was waiting for her. It was exactly what the Stories said would be there. Except for the communicator that she looked at curiously last night and dismissed as an ugly bit of Art. She is Not Amused by the roller skates, and that shriek was her rolling over You's tail (You being her little white kitten, of course.) She'll talk to the communicator if you answer this post, but she's still not getting this.]
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