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2008-01-15 11:26 pm

Spell, the eighteenth

This ain't borrowing, but it's close.

Ain't so bad. And hereabouts, by the time you get used to it, it'll be over.
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2007-12-13 07:04 pm
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Spell, the seventeenth

Because someone has to.

Because someone has to make the choices. Someone has to stand on the line between dark and light. Someone has to wait for Death and see him do his duty. Someone has to let the rest of the world pretend they ain't got a care in their heads.

Because I can.
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2007-12-06 10:07 am

Spell, the sixteenth

Hmpf. I see at least one person around here knows what Hogswatch is.

I'll be staying in.
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2007-12-02 10:29 pm

Spell, the fifteenth

I like my cat.

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2007-11-27 09:09 pm

Spell, the fourteenth

Hmpf. Ain't no sin to be a Witch.
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2007-11-21 10:47 am

Spell, the thirtieth

Ain't been nothing of a much happening these past days. The nanny's back in milking form, the wounds on my neck are nothing but new scars, the firewood's ready for winter, the bees are bundled in their hive to stay warm until Spring.

Didn't mind so much having you stop by, Zazie. Do it again. I've honey for the tea now.

Ain't so much to do once the preparations for winter are done. Take care of those as need it and work on a new hat.

Think I'll go borrowing. I ain't dead.

[ooc: Critters looking at you funny time. Granny will be out a'borrowing.]
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2007-11-15 09:34 am

Spell, the twenty-ninth

Hmpf. Married to Mustrum Ridcully.


Private for Ophelia
Doing better today, though, I reckon.
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2007-11-14 04:46 pm

Spell, the twenty-eighth

Right then. I baked some cookies. Mustrum should be home soon and the grandchildren will be over tomorrow. They can have whatever that daft old husband of mine doesn't eat.

Only... is that me?

[ooc: Granny has canon encounters with her what ifs. This is one of them. But she will, per canon, still get glimpses of other what ifs and her usual self.]
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2007-11-10 10:38 pm

Voice Post

Mustrum? Mustrum where did you go?

[ooc: Young!Esme is 16 and was just running through a field pursued by her young man, Mustrum Ridcully. She is Not Amused.]
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2007-11-10 11:46 am

Spell, the twenty-seventh

Right. Going to tell a little story here.

A little vampire with more power than sense thought to bite a witch and make her a vampire.

The witch warned him that he would regret it. A right generous witch she was, but the little vampire didn't listen.

Because he didn't listen, him and a bunch of others are suffering for it.

And the witch ain't a vampire noways.

So all you vampires who ain't been feeling yourselves owe that little'un a thank you, don't you think?

And the little'un owes the witch an apology. And her goat shed needs mucking out.
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2007-11-09 08:22 pm

Spell, the twenty-sixth

Filtered away from Hellsing, particularly the Alucards

Right. I ain't dead, no matter what anyone might have heard.

Someone wants to go to my cottage and feed the goats and the chickens and look around for a useless little white kitten answers to the name of "You."

I'll be home soon, but they ain't been fed in a couple of days while I been not dead.

[ooc: Granny got some help from Saya to filter this. She's letting Girlycard twist in the wind for another day before she accepts the apology she hears he wants to offer.]
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2007-11-09 04:08 pm

Comment log?

Because in a warehouse occupied by a mysterious woman who is not now, nor does she intend to be, human, a witch who may or may not be a vampire is opening her eyes.
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2007-11-08 03:17 pm

Voice Post

[Granny's voice sounds much fainter and older than her usual assertive timbre and the words don't sound as though they're meant for anyone but herself.]

Right. One foot in front of the other. Ain't nothing.

[ooc: Granny won't be terribly talkative. She's making her slow and unsteady way from the forest toward Saya's warehouse. Eventually Neville will be around to help her. All other posts will be addressed as she sees fit. (Hey, she doesn't tell me everything.)]
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2007-11-07 06:10 pm

Spell, the twenty-seventh

Right. Got some good clippings yesterday. The bees were cranky after all this mucking about, but the goats was just lucky they didn't get eaten.

Good to see you ain't been killing each other as much lately. Less messy that way.
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2007-11-06 08:40 pm

Spell, the twenty-sixth

Can't believe you all spent all day whinging.

Right. Yes I can.
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2007-11-03 04:42 pm

Spell, the twenty-fifth

Yes, "Mistress Weatherwax" means I have never married. Ain't none of your business.

And try asking that other question about unicorns with a frog's mouth. I dare you.
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2007-11-02 09:33 pm

Spell, the twenty-fourth

First one to try to come through my door is getting a broom in the face.
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2007-10-28 02:55 pm

Spell, the twenty-third

Right. About time that was done with.

You frogs. Ain't my doing if you keep ribbiting now.

[ooc: That's for X and Belphegor, since she convinced them they were frogs. X certainly took it a bit more literally than she intended.]
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2007-10-26 08:38 am

Spell, the twenty-second

War, is it?

You Inquisition lot, count your blessings that I know what's Right and what's not, else this War would have another army in.

Those as need medicine, tell me here. I'll come to you.

[ooc: Granny will go to the injured of either side to help them. Inquisition wounded can expect a dose of something to make them sleep for a couple of days along with their first aid. Witch hunters can try to take her, but she won't be having with that.]